Our First Post!

Welcome to the SNYB Blog!

The SNYB Blog is the official blog of the Steve Nash Youth Basketball program, Canada Basketball’s national grassroots youth development program.  SNYB is dedicated to a better approach to youth athlete development.  The SNYB Blog shares thoughts, ideas, and discussion on modern youth sport – with a basketball flavour, of course.

We hope that as youth coaches and sport parents, you enjoy what we have to share and find new ways to engage in the modern youth sport discussion.  If you have questions, comments, posts ideas, recommended articles, research, videos, podcasts, resources or anything else you can think of – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And of course if you are interested, you can learn more about the SNYB program here!

Finally a big shout out to our readers and contributors.  We believe that the best way to improve the youth sport environment is to have an open, constructive, ongoing conversation – and we want to thank you all for being a part of that conversation here.

Yours in basketball,

The SNYB Team

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