Drill: Tennessee Transition Shooting

Transition drills are great for more developed athletes. By mimicking the game situation of hustling back on defense or offense, not only do you develop a specific skill but you will improve physical conditioning as well.

Tennessee Transition Shooting is a perfect example. By adding a transition element, players must look past their fatigue and focus on proper execution to make their jumpers.

Tennessee Transition Shooting

DESCRIPTION Start with 3 players spread along centre court, and 3 players spread along each baseline – all players on the baseline start with a basketball. The players at centre run straight towards a basket, receive a pass from the baseline, take a jump shot, and collect their rebound. The baseline passers then sprint the floor to the opposite basket, receive a pass from the baseline, take a jump shot, and collect their rebound. The drill continues with players rotating from passing to shooting positions.
SKILL FOCUS Shooting, Conditioning, Passing
AGE (STAGE) Ages 8+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 6 basketballs
Add some competition by challenging the team to make a minimum number of shots in a set amount of time. Have a coach/volunteer under each basket to count the number of makes, adding up to a total for the game. Note the team record, and challenge players to better their score with each attempt at the drill!

Can you think of additional variations to build into this transition shooting drill? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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