Drill: 3-on-1 Rapid Fire Passing

As the first true “team skill” players learn, developing passing is crucial at youth levels. Young teams will often struggle to dribble and drive effectively, making passing the best way to move the ball around the court early in development.

The best part is passing drills are also great team-builders. It’s all but impossible to do any good passing drills alone, plus they are great at developing group skills like communication, teamwork, and court awareness.

3-on-1 Rapid Fire Passing

DESCRIPTION Break players into groups of 4, each group 2 basketballs. One player will be in the “hot seat”, standing facing their teammates without a basketball. Teammates will take turns passing the player in the “hot seat” the baskteball, who then quickly passes back to another teammate. Slowly increase the speed of all passes, and rotate positions after some time.
SKILL FOCUS Passing, Awareness, Communication
AGE (STAGE) Ages 8+ (Learn-to-Train)
PLAYERS 4 per group
EQUIPMENT 2 basketballs per group
Work on every kind of pass! Start simple, with chest passes and bounce passes. Then introduce more advanced passes, like a one-hand push pass or two-hand overhead pass. Eventually have teammates give random passes, with the player in the “hot seat” mimicing on the return passes.

How else can you mix-up this passing drill? Put your ideas below in the comments!

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