Drill: 2-Ball Dribbling Series

It’s easy to be a fan of individual drills. You can do them anywhere, anytime, and with minimal equipment. If you want to take more control over your own development, individual drills are the easiest way to do that.

Two-ball dribbling is a textbook example. Two basketballs are all you need! Simplicity is amazing. Plus, there is a ton of room to get creative and target your skill development. Get your hands on a second basketball!

2-Ball Dribbling Series

DESCRIPTION Use 2 basketballs to go through a series of exercises. The video presents a 4-minute series of 16 exercises performed for 15-seconds each. Exercises can include:

  • low dribbles, pound it together, low dribbles alternate, pound it alternate, low side-to-side together, low side-to-side alternate, wind shield wipers, walk the dog, left-low right-high, right-low left-high, 2-ball juggling, 2-ball juggling reverse, around 1 leg, 2-ball figure 8, 1-dribble crossovers, 1-dribble between the legs
SKILL FOCUS Ball Handling, Coordination, Focus
AGE (STAGE) Ages 8+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 2 basketballs
Add new elements to increase the challenge, such as doing the routine while or moving, blindfolded, or using tennis balls.

Do you have other ways to tweak this dribbling drill? Share your ideas below in the comments!

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