Game: Validation Shooting

Shooting games are always fun – who doesn’t love making baskets? And Validation Shooting is no exception. This game does a great job of creating a competitive environment while reinforcing a number of shooting skills.

The best part of Validation Shooting is that you can tailor the game to the exact shots you want to work on. If players are struggling on the baseline, or from the elbow, or from inside, or anywhere else for that matter, you can work on those shots by putting down extra spots or increasing the point value of those locations.

This game has another key feature: highlighting the free-throw. Free-throws are an awesome development tool because it is one of the few shots where kids are willing to take their time and be patient with the shot itself. This not only reinforces the value of the free-throw (just ask the 2008 Memphis Tigers) but slowing down the shot helps reinforce technique as well.

Shooting Validation

DESCRIPTION At a basket, mark 4 locations for shots. Each spot is assigned an order (1st, 2nd, etc.) and a point value (1-point, 2-points, etc.). Players take shots from each spot in order, moving to the next shot whether they make or miss, and keeping track of the total points earned. At the end of the shot series, the player takes a free-throw to secure their points – a made free-throw earns all the points, and a missed free-throw means the points are lost.
AGE (STAGE) Ages 8+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 1-2 basketballs (per group)
This game can be easily adapted as an individual drill – all you have to do is get your own rebound. Try new shot spots or use “zones” instead of specific spots to mix up the scoring each time you do the drill. Remember to take your time on the free-throw!

What other group shooting games do you use? Let us know below in the comments!

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