Drill: Pin-Down Shooting

This drill is actually a personal favorite. I’ve been running this drill on my own since before high school on days I couldn’t find friends to practice with. Getting in a good rhythm can almost be an almost meditative experience.

But the best part about the drill (other than the fact you can do it by your lonesome) is that it does a relatively good job of creating an “in-game scenario”. You are shooting on the move, with different actions for different situations, even with a simulated “screen” and a simulated pass coming from the top of the key.

One important thing to pay attention to is the footwork. As mentioned in the video, you want to take your first step with your INSIDE FOOT as you turn the corner into your shot. This is a great drill to introduce in practice (coaching proper footwork, of course) so athletes can use it in their own time.

Happy shooting everyone!

Pin-Down Shooting

DESCRIPTION Set up a pylon on the wing, near the free-throw line extended and inside the 3-point line – this simulates a teammates’ screen. Begin the drill near the baseline, taking a running start up to cut up and over the screen (pylon). From there, perform one of three actions: a regular jumpshot, an upfake and rim attack, and a step-back fadeaway.
SKILL FOCUS Shooting, Footwork
AGE (STAGE) Ages 12+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 1 basketball, 1 cone marker
Play with teammates! Start with a passer and screener (replacing the pylon), and progress to adding a defender on the shooter. For advanced players, consider adding extra defenders on the screener and/or the passer.

How else could you adapt this shooting drill? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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