Game: Baseball

“Baseball? I thought this was supposed  be a blog about basketball!” – is what you’re probably all thinking. And you’re right, this is a basketball blog. BUT we can incorporate a little bit of baseball into our own great game…

This is a game we believe that you and your players will love, and it and be used at either the beginning or end of your practice for a nice warm-up or cool-down activity. But mostly, it’s just fun filled game.

One of the great things about this game is that there are a lot of different ways that you can tweak this game to make it your own or modify it for the right age group and team.


Golden ChildThis game was originally adapted from

DESCRIPTION Start with two teams, one in the corner (everyone with a basketball), and the other at the free-throw line (with one basketball). On the coaches “Go”, both teams will start. One by one, the players in the corner will dribble around the half-court to the end of their line. At the same time, the team at the free-throw line will try to make a shot. If the shooting team makes a shot they yell “STOP”. If there is a player running, they are now frozen in place. If the “runner” makes it all the way to the end of the line, their team get a point. When all the players have been frozen, the teams will switch roles.
SKILL FOCUS Dribbling, Shooting
AGE (STAGE) 6+ (FUNdamentals &  Learn-to-Train)
PLAYERS 6+ (per group)
EQUIPMENT 1 basketball (per player)
Both teams (dribbling and shooting) can be challenged. Challenge the shooting team by changing the spot where they shoot from, or have players make any number of shots before dribblers freeze. Challenge the dribbling team by adding crossovers at each corner/turn, or have players dribble two basketballs at once.

We love  games that emphasize a little bit of competition AND summarize skills already developed. What games do you use with your players? Let us know in the comments below!

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