Coaches Can Develop Too

Put it in your Calendars, Canada Basketball’s NCCP Super Clinic: May 19-21.

With Steve Nash Youth Basketball the focus is predominantly on the development of our youth, of our athletes. We want to see them grow, become the best that they can, and continue to learn. We even ensure that we are applying the greatest, and newest concepts in coaching so that they have the greatest opportunity to succeed. Right?

While our SNYB Curriculum is being refreshed and updated for the upcoming Fall season, we know the content will be the latest and greatest, but how about the teacher?

As coaches we need to do our best to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the world of coaching basketball. Things become out dated, theories and points of emphasis change, and the best way to get caught up on everything is to attend an NCCP Coaching Clinic.

Fast Fact: Did you know that the FUNdamentals course is designed based on the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Curriculum?

Consider this: we know now that the Pick and Roll, a classic basketball play, looks quite simple, but in reality might by one of the most complex actions the game has to offer. But for decades coaches were running PnRs with their youth athletes. However we know now that running PnRs with youth athletes actually stunts their development and negatively affects the game of basketball. Had coaches not committed to learning about youth athlete development, we would still see 6 and 7 year old’s running ball-screen action.

Luckily for coaches in Canada, Canada Basketball is hosting its annual Coaching Super Clinic which offers all NCCP coaching streams so that every coach has something to learn.

Not only will you have the opportunity of attending the clinic and stream that is right for you, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches from all over the world!

Presenters at this year’s Super Clinic include:

  • Jay Triano – Head Coach, Senior Men’s Basketball Team
  • Mike Mackay – Performance Manager, Women’s High Performance
  • Bev Smith – Head Coach 2000 Women’s National Team; Assist Coach 2016 Women’s National Team
  • Nadine Crowley – FIBA Commissioner and Supervisor of Officials
  • Matteo Feriani – Head Coach, Senior Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team
  • Mike Frogly – Head Coach and Director, National Academy Wheelchair Basketball Canada
  •  Jodi Gram – Head Coach, 2017 U17 Women’s National Team
  • Olga Hrycak – 2017 Canada Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Patrick Hunt – Chair FIBA Technical Commission, President of the World Associations of Coaches
  • Troy Justice – NBA Senior Director, Basketball Operations International
  • Michael Meeks – Men’s High Performance, Youth Player Development
  • Roy Rana – Head Coach, 2017 U19 Men’s National Team
  • Chantal Vallée – Targeted Coaching Pool, Canada Basketball Women’s High Performance

And more to be announced!

Our athletes deserve the best coaches and you deserve to be the best coach! Register on GamePlan quick, the early bird registration period ends May 1st!


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