Drill: Basic Basketball Pivots

Pivoting: where small steps can create big advantages.

Did you know that the first drill San Antonio Spurs’ Head Coach Greg Popovich runs with his players at training camp is a pivoting drill? Well it’s true, and even though his players are some of the best in world, even he understands the importance of a truly effective pivot.

Pivoting allows you to move around your defender without dribbling the basketball. It also allows you to move away from pressure or create different angles when looking to pass. While it only involves stepping with one foot, pivoting has the ability to create big opportunities.

Below is a video on the basics of the pivot of both forwards pivots and reverse pivots. Each are crucial playing with and without the basketball, have a look.

DESCRIPTION 1. Practice Pivoting: Start on the baseline and self-toss the ball. Catch the ball with a jump-stop (both feet landing on the ground at the same time), come to triple threat, and pivot around with one foot planted. Once you return back to the start, toss the ball out again and catch it. This time, pivot on the other foot. Continue this all the way down the court, pivoting different distances each time.

2. Practice on a Cone: Self-toss the ball on the wing at a cone and practice pivoting on the cone as if it is a defender. Ensure that player put the ball down to dribble before they lift their back foot from the ground. If they don’t it is a traveling violation.

SKILL FOCUS  Footwork, pivoting
AGE (STAGE)  7+ (FUNdamentals Stage)
EQUIPMENT  Basketball and Cones
VARIATION: Practice on a Guided Defender: Replace the cone with a defender and have players play a possession of one on one.

We love FUNdamental footwork drills! Share some of your favorite drills in the comments below!

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