Importance of FUNdamental Training

With the NCCP Super Clinic kicking off this weekend, it reminds us of the importance of coaches staying up to date with their training and continuously learning new best practices.

Although college and professional coaches may receive the most publicity, SNYB coaches and all youth coaches have a very important, if not, the most important job to do! We help our athletes through the most critical stages of their development.

Whether you’re a first time coach coaching a community team, or a coach that wants to eventually advance your training to a competition level – Canada Basketball offers courses for all your coaching needs!

The FUNdamentals course offered by Canada Basketball is geared towards first-time coaches of female athletes ages 6-8 , or male athletes 6-9. This a very vulnerable and formative period for our athletes, therefore, this workshop will prepare and provide you with all the necessary tools to be successful as a first-time coach.

There are two reasons why I believe this to be an important workshop to attend. First being that our athletes are at such a young age this may be their introduction to the amazing game of basketball, and we want to make sure that they fall in love with the sport. As the name states, we want to ensure that our athletes have FUN. All of the lesson plans provided by SNYB outline how to teach the basic basketball skills in a fun and inclusive way with a games approach.

Secondly, following the LTAD we want to ensure that we do not hinder their development and introduce the appropriate skills at the right time. Through the FUNdamentals workshop, coaches learn how to evaluate the levels of their athletes and form their practices accordingly. SNYB is currently revamping their lesson plans and adding a lot more drills to give coaches a variety of options when planning their practices – stay tuned!

Staying up to date with new theories and best practices allows for us as coaches and parents to develop better athletes, and even better people!


_MG_2253Elizabeth Corey is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Sport Management at the University of Ottawa. She is the Domestic Development intern at Canada Basketball, and is the Director of Events for the University of Ottawa Sports Business Club.

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