Drill: Wall Passing

Pass with confidence – four drills to practice wall passing and dribbling!

“Choose a brick on the wall, and try to hit it every time.”

Having a static target and practising different variations of passing and dribbling against a wall will help players improve their accuracy. The closer they stand to the wall, the faster they need to react. Dribbling close to the wall will also improve their finger tip control. Once perfected, these skills will easily transfer into game situations when their targets are moving.

Watch the video below with Bob Bigelow, and learn four different drills involving wall passing and dribbling!


Wall Passing

DESCRIPTION  Wall finger tip drill – First pick a brick and try and only hit that one brick with the basketball. Start with the ball in your right hand, right foot forward, and bounce the ball 10 times off the wall. Ensure hand and ball are above your head. Switch and do with your left hand 10 times.

Inbounds soccer pass – Just like a soccer throw, it’s a two-hand over head pass. Choose a brick to aim at again. Ensure to have one foot forward and keep hands and ball above your head and knees bent. Throw 10 times.

Lateral inbound soccer pass – This is a variation of the inbound pass. Throw the ball against the wall to the right so you must move laterally to catch it, then throw it left. Throw the ball 10 times keep the ball and your arms high.

Close wall passing – Stand close the wall with your body turned, right foot forward. Right hand close to the wall, right hand and ball above head, one-handed quick throws. Throw the ball 25 times then try on the left side. This focuses on finger tip control.

SKILL FOCUS  Dribbling & passing
AGE (STAGE)  8+ (Learn-to-train)
EQUIPMENT 1 Basketball per player, wall
  1.  Increase the distance from the wall
  2. Add a time pressure (i.e., see how many times you can hit the target in 20 seconds)


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