Drill: The Wolf

This is a fast pace, full court 1v1 drill that benefits both offensive and defensive players.

Player 1 is the first person in line and will stand at the free throw extended. They are the offensive player.

Player 2, the defensive player, will stand out of bounds along the baseline. He/ she is the “wolf”.

The drill begins once the player 2 has inbounded the ball to player 1. Player 1 will dribble as fast as they can to the other end of the court to perform a layup. The wolf must chase the player down and in an attempt to block the shot. If the wolf was able to get ahead, continue 1v1 until a shot is made, or the wolf obtains the rebound. Both players must rebound any missed shots. Players will switch roles coming back down the other side of the court.

Key teaching point for the offensive players:  if the defensive player is trailing inside try and step in front of them to cut off their path and prevent them from blocking the shot.

Key teaching point for the defensive players: do not over-pursue the offense, make sure you do not step behind the backboard.

Fast-forward the following video to 0:56 for further demonstration, and let us know what you think in the comments below!


  • Player 2, the “wolf”, will stand out of bounds behind the baseline and inbound the ball to player 1, who is standing at the free throw line extended.
  • Player 1 will dribble to the other end of the court and try and make a layup. The wolf will chasing them down in an attempt to block their shot.
  • If the wolf beats player 1 down the court, a 1v1 challenge will begin. Both players will try and get the rebound. Once a the wolf has obtained the rebound, or a basket has been made, the players will switch roles and do the drill on the opposite side of the court.
SKILL FOCUS  Dribbling, Rebounding
AGE (STAGE)  9+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT  Basketball
VARIATION: If they have perfected dribbling down the court with their right hand, switch sides so they have to dribble down the left side of the court with their left hand.


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