Game: Snake

This game will teach players to keep their head up while dribbling, and helps improve stamina, speed, awareness, and ball handling.  Snake is also very easy to set up and lots of fun for the players.

Players should be split up into teams of three, and each team should be given two basketballs. Players will line up in a line spread out from the other teams, with the player in the front of the line the only one without a ball. The player at the front of the line represents the “head” of the snake, while the players in the middle and back of the line represent the “body” and the “tail” respectively.

DESCRIPTION · The “head” of the snake will lead the other two players around the gym, taking sharp turns and unpredictable speed changes

· The “body” and “tail” will follow the first player, trying to follow as closely as possible while dribbling a basketball

· When the coach signals, the players will switch positions (front player goes to the back, middle player goes to the front, back player goes to the middle)

· Coach players to watch where they are going to avoid collisions

SKILL FOCUS Footwork, Balance, Speed
AGE (STAGE) 6+ (FUNdamentals, L2T)
EQUIPMENT Basketballs
VARIATION: Have volunteers/coaches stand around the gym to try and steal the ball from the player as they dribble, this will teach the players to protect the ball

For younger groups, play the game without the ball first then introduce balls one at a time

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