Game: Newspaper Dodgeball

This game will teach players to be aware of where they are on the court, while developing coordination skills and ball handling. This game is very easy to teach and lots of fun for the players. Newspaper Dodgeball can be used as a warm up game to get the kids moving and excited while producing high energy levels that can last throughout the day.

To set-up this game, the group is divided into two teams. Every player is given a basketball and should be dribbling, and half of the players are given newspaper balls. The players will spread out throughout the gym and dribble around trying to avoid the players with the newspaper balls.

The key teaching point to this game is to keep your head up while dribbling. This will create good habits for the kids moving forward and allow them to survey the court rather than looking down at the ball.

DESCRIPTION · On the Coach’s cue, the players with the newspaper balls will throw the newspaper trying to hit other players

· Players must maintain their dribble while throwing

· When someone is hit, the action is decided by the coach (do an activity before rejoining the group, join the other team, exchange places with the person who hit you)

SKILL FOCUS Ball Handling, Movement
AGE (STAGE) 9 – 12 (L2T)
EQUIPMENT Basketballs, Newspaper
VARIATION: Have players throw with their non-dominant hand only

Allow players to pass the newspaper balls within their team

Allow tagging players only rather than throwing

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