Drill: 1-on-1 Fast Break

This drill is used to help players learn techniques for getting by a lone defender who is protecting the basket at game speed. Coaches can also use this drill to help players develop good defensive habits when they are the only defender. The players will have lots of fun with this drill as it promotes head-to-head competition.

While running this drill, coaches should encourage the defending player to get out of the paint and towards the offensive player as fast as possible. The offensive player should be trying to attack the defender at full speed, while trying to get to the hoop.

DESCRIPTION · The team should be split up into two lines at the foul-line extended

· One line has basketballs while the other does not

· On the coach’s cue, the player with the ball will dribble to half-court and the player without the ball will touch the baseline (see figure 1 below)

· The defensive player is trying to keep the ball handler as far away from the basket as possible, while the offensive player is trying to attack the basket as fast as possible

· From here the players will play 1-on-1 until there is a shot or a turnover

SKILL FOCUS Ball Handling, Movement, Finishing
AGE (STAGE) 6-9 (FUNdamentals), 9-12 (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT Basketballs
VARIATION: Add in an extra defender or offensive player to practice 2-on-1 scenarios

Have the players start at half-court and touch the baselines to practice fast breaks while fatigued

1-on-1 Fast Break

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