Game: Fox in the Hen-house

This game is very easy to learn and lots of fun for everyone. Fox in the Hen-house is a variation of “tag” that incorporates using the lines on the floor, as well as adding in basketballs to help develop the players’ skills. By playing this game, players will learn fundamental movement skills while working on their agility and speed. Fox in the Hen-house is a great way to start off practice because it will get the players excited and warmed up.

To start, choose 2-5 players and give them a coloured pinnie to mark them as “it”, these are the foxes. All other players are chickens, they must stay away from the foxes and avoid being tagged.

The key teaching point of this game is to ensure that players are keeping their heads up at all times to see where they are going. Coaches should also ensure that players are staying low, allowing them to change directions easily.

DESCRIPTION · 2-5 players are identified as Foxes, the rest of the players are Chickens

· The Foxes can only move around the gym by following the lines on the floor

· The Chickens can only move around the gym by avoiding all the lines on the floor

· If a Fox tags a Chicken, the Chicken must sit down

· A Chicken can save another Chicken by gently tapping them on the head

· Play this game in quick successions and changes Foxes frequently to change up the game dynamic

AGE (STAGE) 6 – 9 (FUNdamentals)
EQUIPMENT Pinnies (Basketballs optional)
VARIATION: Have all players dribble a basketball while playing

When a Chicken is tagged, have them become a “doorway” standing on a line with their legs spread, so that foxes must crawl through their legs to pass. These players can be saved

Switch the rules, Chickens must run on the lines while Foxes must avoid them





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