Game: Dribble Score Race

This game is very competitive and will keep the players on their toes while having lots of fun.  Dribble Score Race will have players competing head-to-head in a race to score a lay-up from half-court. This game will get the players excited and eager to play.

To start, split the group up into two teams and give each player a number. For example, if there are 10 players each team will have numbers 1-5. Each player should have a basketball.

The key teaching point of this game is to emphasize proper footwork when attacking the rim, and to encourage a two-foot stop before they go up to score.

DESCRIPTION · Have the players line up along the half court line, each team facing one basket (see image below)

· When the coach calls a number, the players who were assigned that number will race to make a lay-up on their respective basket

· If a player misses, they must continue shooting until they make a basket

· The player who scores first earns their team a point

· Players re-join the line at half court and the coach calls a new number

SKILL FOCUS Ball-handling, lay-ups, shooting
AGE (STAGE) 6 – 9 (FUNdamentals), 9 – 12 (Learn 2 Train)
EQUIPMENT Basketballs
VARIATION: Have players work on different finishes (off-hand, reverse)

Have the players use two balls to dribble down the floor and score with both balls

Dribble Score Race

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