Drill: Mikan Drill

The lay-up is a skill that seems easy but requires constant practice before it becomes second nature. Practicing it at an early age with both hands will help the youth become more confident to get those easy baskets whenever those opportunities arise.

The lay-up is a fundamental sport skill in basketball. The Mikan Drill is a great exercise that works on the technique of a lay-up, provides a lot of repetition with both hands, and works on multiple skills in basketball such as lay-ups, footwork, rebounding and balance.

The Mikan Drill

  1. Divide players up evenly at each basket
  2. Players will go one at a time starting on one side underneath the rim with the ball
  3. Have players take lay-ups (without a dribble) from each side of the rim
  4. Players will quickly get their rebound after each shot, without letting the ball hit the ground
  5. Play for short, timed rounds (30-60 seconds) and count total made baskets
  6. Challenge players to go for as long as possible without missing a lay-up or rebound
AGE (STAGE) 6-12 (FUNdamentals, Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 1 basketball per basket
VARIATION: Incorporate lay-up variations (power or reverse lay-ups)

Key teaching points to keep in mind while doing this drill is to ensure players are using the correct hand and elevating off the opposite foot and they are using the backboard on each attempt.

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