Drill: Pass & Replace

Passing is one of the fundamental skills in basketball that all kids should focus on when learning the game. This is a simple drill that teaches the youth how to pass and catch while also developing the idea of cutting after a pass. This will get the kids into a good habit of passing then cutting, setting themselves up for future success!

Divide the players into small groups of 3-5 and have each group break into 2 lines, with 1 ball at the front of one of the lines. Initially, lines should be approximately 10-15 feet apart.

  • Have players start by passing to their opposite line
  • After each pass, players will follow their pass to join the back of the opposite line


Key Teaching Points:

  • Ensure players are calling out names before they pass to promote communication
  • Make sure players are looking where they want to pass
  • Ensure players are stepping in the direction they want to pass
SKILL FOCUS Passing, Receiving, Coordination
AGE (STAGE) 6-9 (FUNdamentals)
EQUIPMENT Basketball
Phase A:

  • Increase the distance, having lines take a couple steps back to make longer passes
  • Have players alternate the types of passes they make (one-handed push pass, bounce pass, overhead pass)

Phase B:

  • Add defense by having the player closeout to the player they passed to and play guided defense
  • Allow a dribble, so passers can escape their defender with one dribble before passing
  • Introduce a pass fake to get around the defender


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