Drill: Attacking Off of the Catch

Note: This article was originally posted on January 17th, 2017.

Curry, LeBron, Durant, and Wade, all have a couple things in common. First: they are all recognizable by only one name, and second: they are all elite scorers. But what has made them so effective? Part of it has to do with their ability to attack quickly off of the catch.

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Game: Dribble Score Race

This game is very competitive and will keep the players on their toes while having lots of fun.  Dribble Score Race will have players competing head-to-head in a race to score a lay-up from half-court. This game will get the players excited and eager to play. Continue reading “Game: Dribble Score Race”

Is HIIT Dangerous for Young Athletes?

High intensity exercises with short rest periods in between… doesn’t sound too safe, does it? Well surprisingly, there are a lot of benefits when performing high intensity interval training, and HIIT is becoming more and more popular!

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Drill: 5 Ball

This is a drill that is lots of fun to play, and is also very challenging for the players. 5 Ball is designed to help players develop shooting in transition and shooting off the catch, while challenging players to be coordinated and focused. Continue reading “Drill: 5 Ball”