The Importance of Breath and JOGA

Ensuring your athletes know how to breathe while exercising or playing a sport is crucial. Most people don’t actively think about breathing unless they have trouble breathing, such as asthma. Optimizing your athlete’s breath is beneficial, as it will enhance their athletic performance.

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Drill: Pass & Replace

This drill is used to help players improve their passing and catching, while also implementing the idea of cutting after a pass. Cutting is essential in most offensive sets at higher levels and this drill can help create good habits for the players. Continue reading “Drill: Pass & Replace”

Why Play 3 on 3?

3 on 3 basketball is on the rise as one of the most-played team sports in the world. From the schoolyard to the Olympics, this variation of tradition basketball continues to grow in popularity. What many don’t realize is that aside from the fun and simplicity of 3 on 3, it’s also gaining traction as a beneficial route when it comes to developing young basketball players. Continue reading “Why Play 3 on 3?”