Specialization and the Benefits of Sampling

For young athletes and parents of young athletes, it is important to understand the concept of specialization and how it applies to sport development. Specialization is when an athlete β€œlimits participation to a single sport, which they train for and compete in on a year-round basis.”1 Let’s discuss how understanding specialization and related concepts can help young people develop not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

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3 Things I Learned at the 15U Nationals

I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since the closing ceremonies of the 15U Boy’s and Girl’s National Championships in Regina, Saskatchewan. Since I’ve been back I have had some time to reflect on the week and put into words everything I have learned.

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How basketball forms a community

9 provinces, 216 athletes, 55 coaches and support staff, and countless supporters have all gathered in Regina, Saskatchewan this week for the 2017 Boy’s and Girl’s National Championships. These numbers clearly demonstrate how basketball, and any other sport for that matter, has the power to form a community.

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The Power of a Compliment

We coach because we are passionate about sports, and ultimately want to have a positive influence on the lives of our players. How do you ensure you are in fact having a positive impact on them? It’s easy, you need to connect with your young athletes! Continue reading “The Power of a Compliment”

Drill: At Home Dribbling Drills

Now that school is out, kids can practice dribbling at home – well only inside the house if you have permission from mom or dad! If not, the driveway will do just fine. Joseph Martinez takes us through some simple dribbling drills that are easy for parents to practice with their children.

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