A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Crazy Parents

I’ve previously described some nightmare scenarios when it comes to parents on the sideline at youth basketball games. I truly believe that most parents are well-intentioned, but just get caught up in the moment and don’t truly consider the impact they are having on their kids or the other parents around them. Today I want to present some practical solutions for what you can do as a youth sports parent when it seems that everyone around you has gone crazy.

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Movement is Medicine

Physical activity is important for children and youth to stay healthy and moving. Kids don’t usually realize the importance of physical activity because they’re either having too much fun being active, or playing video games on the couch… But one thing is for sure; being active is beneficial for your body!

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Parents in Sport Week

Dear parents, we want to thank YOU for supporting your kid(s) in sport and activity! You are appreciated for driving your kids to practices and games, preparing team snacks, organizing events, and even providing a listening and supporting ear! You make sports happen for your kids as you are a vital part of the coach-athlete-parent team. Continue reading “Parents in Sport Week”