Trash Talking in Youth Sports

There is one aspect in ALL sports that has just become a regular part of the game at all levels: Trash talking! Here in Canada, some might call it ‘chirping’ and it is used for the sole purpose of ‘getting in your opponents’ head. In my days of coaching, I have seen this theme increase from year to year and my personal opinion is that the young athletes are just emulating the professionals they see on television. But does that make it okay?

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What is it About ‘Ballers?

Rodney Wilson Headshot (Small)Rodney Wilson is a conditioning coach at Conquer Training (Kingston, ON) and former Head Strength Coach at Queen’s University, with years of experience developing complete athletes. In his free time Rodney trains for ultra marathons and drives his daughters to every activity under the sun.

I’m going to throw this out there for all you “basketball people”. If you’re reading from the world of soccer, rugby, football, hockey, whatever… I DO love you too! If you have worked with me over the years, you know I care about all sports.

But what is it about ‘ballers?

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