Essential Oils for Athletes

What are essential oils? They are highly concentrated natural oils found in plants! They are accessible to everyone, including infants, children, teens, parents, and so on. Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications, and are a natural tool to help maximize training and performance. The benefits for using essential oils are endless, but there are some benefits that caught my eye for athletes specifically.

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Game: Catch the Tail

Often times players practice dribbling without a defender. And this might cause them some trouble when they do face pressure in a scrimmage or game. It requires a mix of court awareness and comfort with the ball (i.e. eyes up when you are dribbling!).

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Game: Ball Tag

We always love modified games. Modified games help to shape or adjust play to incorporate and develop a specific skill. All the while maintaining the fun of a game, instead of feeling like a drill designed just to get in lots of reps.

Ball Tag is a textbook example of a successful modified game.

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