Ultimate Basketball

Have you ever heard of the game called Ultimate Basketball? I know I haven’t. However, when I looked at the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and how that can be related to basketball, there are actually some similar learning tactics for each sport. This game focuses on the passing elements of basketball without the dribbling and the combination of two sports that results in a fun and somewhat competitive environment for your young athletes to learn specific skills of both sports.

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Drill: Ball Handling Routine (Steph Curry)

Stephen Curry, maybe the most popular basketball player in the world. We all know he can shoot the lights out of any gym – that’s old news. Instead, we want to look at one of Steph’s more underrated skills: his ability to handle the basketball.

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Drill: 4-Man Pressure

Good defensive teams have players who communicate well and know how to work with each other. These team skills are complimented by individual defensive skills like agility and hustle – with the overall goal of bothering the ball and the ball handler.

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