Drill: Attacking Off of the Catch

Curry, LeBron, Durant, and Wade, all have a couple things in common. First: they are all recognizable by only one name, and second: they are all elite scorers. But what has made them so effective? Part of it has to do with their ability to attack quickly off of the catch.

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Drill: Pivot Footwork

Footwork really is the base for solid basketball fundamentals. Particularly at youth levels, footwork is often the unmentioned difference between a good player and an average player. Thankfully, even though it’s such an integral part of basketball and influences essentially all other skills, good footwork can easily be established at a young age.
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Game: Catch the Tail

Often times players practice dribbling without a defender. And this might cause them some trouble when they do face pressure in a scrimmage or game. It requires a mix of court awareness and comfort with the ball (i.e. eyes up when you are dribbling!).

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