Developing People, Not Just Players

With a new team or camp or any other development program, there is inevitably a period where everyone in the gym gets comfortable with each other. Kids warm up to teammates. Coaches warm up to assistants. Kids warm up to coaches, and coaches warm up to kids.

But as players get more comfortable on the court, coaches want to think about how to push kids out of their comfort zone. We understand the difficulties of youth coaching, because we believe there is more to coaching than teaching skills and running drills.

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5 Ways Parents Can Set the Tone for a Positive Basketball Experience

Mike Klinzing (Small).jpgMike Klinzing is Founder and Executive Director of Head Start Basketball (Cleveland, OH). Offering youth basketball camps and skills training for over 20 years, Head Start Basketball uses the game to improve character, develop leadership, and promote sportsmanship.

Parents play arguably the most important role in the development of a young athlete. It is the parents – not coaches or teammates – who spend the most time with a child. And by extension, it is the parents who have the most influence on the child. Make the most of it!

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My First Basketball Team

Ronny Headshot (Small)Ronny Musikitele is a contributing writer at Basketball Buzz, and a Communications Major at Carleton University. Ronny also works as an Intermediate Youth Worker with the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa.

Basketball has been such an enjoyable sport for me throughout the years. Growing up, I knew at a very young age that I was in love with this sport. Why was I so fascinated by a ball going into a basket?

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