Teamwork in Sports

When I played basketball in high school, my coach always used to say, “we ( the team) are only as good as the weakest player on the team.” Meaning that in order to have success on the team, we must use each individual’s strengths and work together to accommodate the weaknesses. That high school coach preached the importance of teamwork, whether during practice, games or off-site events in order to understand each person to the greatest extent as an athlete and an individual off-the-court. Basketball is a great sport that helped me develop skills, such as teamwork, that was applicable to other areas in my life.

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6 Huge Mistakes Made by Youth Basketball Coaches

Mike Klinzing (Small).jpgMike Klinzing is Founder and Executive Director of Head Start Basketball (Cleveland, OH). Offering youth basketball camps and skills training for over 20 years, Head Start Basketball uses the game to improve character, develop leadership, and promote sportsmanship.

I once coached a team in a tournament that used point differential to determine which team advanced if both teams had identical records. We went into our final game of pool play needing to win by 11-points to advance. Throughout the game I paid much more attention to our scoring margin than I normally do.

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The Future of Player Development is Already Here

Basketball has always been a changing game. Initially, players couldn’t even dribble. Eventually a shot clock was introduced. Briefly dunking was banned (the “Lew Alcindor Rule”). Years later a three-point arch was added.

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