Believe in Yourself!

A skill that separates an exceptional athlete from the rest is the degree to which that individual believes in themselves and trusts that they can be successful in the sport. Confidence is defined as how strongly an individual believes that he/she can achieve the desired goals. This skill is applied at all levels within sport and is developed over time. The way that Tom Brady is able to make that winning touchdown pass or LeBron James making that defensive stop in clutch moments all stems from this confidence and the belief that they can perform these tasks on a regular basis.

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The Full Plate

Rodney Wilson Headshot (Small)Rodney Wilson is a conditioning coach at Conquer Training (Kingston, ON) and former Head Strength Coach at Queen’s University, with years of experience developing complete athletes. In his free time Rodney trains for ultra marathons and drives his daughters to every activity under the sun.

I’m a ham man. I could eat slices of spiral ham until the proverbial cows come home. My wife does up a lovely goose on occasion, but it’s not the same. I surround said ham with all the usual fixings and get at it. I often question the weight capacity of the fancy plates that we bring out for family dinners as I travel from kitchen to table. They seem to hold up well.

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Drill: Shooting Warm-Up (Dell Curry)

Dell Curry, former NBA sharpshooter and father of the 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, knows one or two things about shooting the rock. In this video Dell Curry talks about some great warm-up drills that build confidence and a solid shooting foundation.

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For Young Athletes, Healthy Eating Starts at Home

Getting kids to eat enough can be a challenge. If they aren’t out shooting hoops on the driveway, they may be at practice or on the way to a game. Between balancing a hectic schedule and making sure homework is done, it can be tough to monitor what kids are eating and how much of it is actually fueling them for sport.

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