Coaching Styles in Sport

As I was deciding what to write about this week, I reflected on previous coaches I have had in the past and compared that to the way I currently coach my team today. I looked at and evaluated each coaching style of my previous coaches and if they had an impact on the way that I coach. As we all know, there are a number of different coaching styles and/or techniques; however, after some research, I think that there are two main coaching styles we use today in everyday life at any age group. The first one being transactional coaching and secondly transformational coaching styles.

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6 Sport Parenting Myths Debunked

Parents want the best for their children – and no one can blame them. But navigating the modern youth sport environment can be daunting to say the least: there is a seemingly endless amount of articles, research, and resources for sport parents. And while this post surely adds to that list, we can guarantee that advice from Rick Wolff is a must-read.

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Drill: Change of Speed

Good basketball players separate themselves from others by being efficient with the dribble. Coaches love players that can attack the basket without over dribbling. Change of speed is the most basic (yet effective) way to beat a defender. It’s a crucial skill to have – especially for guards.

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A Parent’s First Experience with Steve Nash Youth Basketball

Carm Maesano is Managing Partner at Annex Media Marketing and an Internet Entrepreneur. Most importantly, he’s a husband and father of three who loves basketball, and currently is assistant coach for his son’s basketball team while getting his two girls started in SNYB in Burlington, ON.

As a basketball dad/parent I thought a great post for the SNYB Blog would be my experience introducing my girls to a local SNYB summer program. And yes, I wouldn’t be writing if it wasn’t a great one. In fact, it prompted me to learn more about the program (and become a contributor!).

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For Young Athletes, Healthy Eating Starts at Home

Getting kids to eat enough can be a challenge. If they aren’t out shooting hoops on the driveway, they may be at practice or on the way to a game. Between balancing a hectic schedule and making sure homework is done, it can be tough to monitor what kids are eating and how much of it is actually fueling them for sport.

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