Game: Plus 1, Minus 2 (Ray Allen)

Last week we talked about how Steph Curry is one of the best shooters in the NBA (possibly of all time). Well for some of us growing up Curry wasn’t in the league yet – instead we had to settle for a guy by the name of Ray Allen.

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Drill: Ball Handling Routine (Steph Curry)

Stephen Curry, maybe the most popular basketball player in the world. We all know he can shoot the lights out of any gym – that’s old news. Instead, we want to look at one of Steph’s more underrated skills: his ability to handle the basketball.

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Drill: Shooting Warm-Up (Dell Curry)

Dell Curry, former NBA sharpshooter and father of the 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, knows one or two things about shooting the rock. In this video Dell Curry talks about some great warm-up drills that build confidence and a solid shooting foundation.

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Drill: Change of Speed

Good basketball players separate themselves from others by being efficient with the dribble. Coaches love players that can attack the basket without over dribbling. Change of speed is the most basic (yet effective) way to beat a defender. It’s a crucial skill to have – especially for guards.

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