Game: Dead Ant Tag

Dead Ant Tag teaches players to keep their heads up and encourages them to communicate to each other whenever they need help. It also works on fundamental movement skills, agility, speed and coordination. This game requires minimal to no setup and is a great modification to the traditional tag to keep the game fresh and engaging. Continue reading “Game: Dead Ant Tag”

Drill: 4-Man Pressure

Good defensive teams have players who communicate well and know how to work with each other. These team skills are complimented by individual defensive skills like agility and hustle – with the overall goal of bothering the ball and the ball handler.

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Game: Catch the Tail

Often times players practice dribbling without a defender. And this might cause them some trouble when they do face pressure in a scrimmage or game. It requires a mix of court awareness and comfort with the ball (i.e. eyes up when you are dribbling!).

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Game: Ameoba Tag

Going to the gym is the first step to getting better as an athlete. We all hear stories about how great athletes spend hours on hours in the gym working on their craft. But this discipline isn’t always easy for young kids to gasp – which is why coaches need to ensure kids look forward to the next day of practice.

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