Motivation is a Skill

Ronny Headshot (Small)Ronny Musikitele is a contributing writer at Basketball Buzz, and a Communications student at Carleton University. A former basketball coach and player, Ronny is also an Intermediate Youth Worker at the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa.

Two main components make up coaching: teaching new skills, and motivating players.

Everyone goes through a season where they have a problem keeping their focus, from professional players all the way to beginners. This lack of focus comes down to one thing these players have in common: they need to be motivated.

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10 Tips for Communicating with Young Athletes

Mike Klinzing (Small).jpgMike Klinzing is Founder and Executive Director of Head Start Basketball (Cleveland, OH). Offering youth basketball camps and skills training for over 20 years, Head Start Basketball uses the game to improve character, develop leadership, and promote sportsmanship.

Being able to communicate with kids is a skill that all parents and coaches can always improve. Over my years of coaching and teaching, here are some quick tips I’ve learned to help you communicate better with your kids, athletes, or both (for us parent-coaches)!

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