Drill: Star Passing

Passing, in any team-related sport, is a fundamental, yet very important skill to develop for young athletes. In basketball, being able to pass and catch the ball will lead to open players, which also opens to door to scoring easy lay-ups or uncontested three-point shots. An advantage of quick and accurate passes involves keeping the defense on their feet and making it harder for them to know where the ball is moving next.

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My First Basketball Team

Ronny Headshot (Small)Ronny Musikitele is a contributing writer at Basketball Buzz, and a Communications Major at Carleton University. Ronny also works as an Intermediate Youth Worker with the Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa.

Basketball has been such an enjoyable sport for me throughout the years. Growing up, I knew at a very young age that I was in love with this sport. Why was I so fascinated by a ball going into a basket?

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