Ultimate Basketball

Have you ever heard of the game called Ultimate Basketball? I know I haven’t. However, when I looked at the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and how that can be related to basketball, there are actually some similar learning tactics for each sport. This game focuses on the passing elements of basketball without the dribbling and the combination of two sports that results in a fun and somewhat competitive environment for your young athletes to learn specific skills of both sports.

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Ottawa Senators Strength Coach: “It’s an epidemic.”

Chris Schwarz is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, and has the privilege of working with elite athletes every day. But there is one problem: his players are only hockey players.

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Avoid Specialization to Avoid Injury

We live in a youth sport culture that emphasizes early sport specialization – an increasingly common phenomena. This trend largely stems from the influence of professional athletes, whose careers imply that the earlier you specialize the better chance you have at becoming “elite”.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. While there are a number of negative effects from early sport specialization, here we will focus one specific risk: overuse injury.

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How Much is Too Much? Overtraining Our Young Athletes

Rodney Wilson Headshot (Small)Rodney Wilson is conditioning coach at Conquer Training (Kingston, ON) and former Head Strength Coach at Queen’s University, with years of experience developing complete athletes. In his free time Rodney trains for ultra marathons and drives his daughters to every activity under the sun.

Today’s young athletes and their parents are faced with an expectation that demands MORE. More practice time, more training time, more competitions, more money, more commitment, more equipment, more money (did I mention that one?) more, more, more.

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