Drill: Defend The Mirror

This quick little drill is a fun one for the youth while helping them with their defensive reactions and their off-ball offensive fakes and hesitations. You can allow the players to be as silly as they want or you can have them focus more closely on doing basketball movements.

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Ultimate Basketball

Have you ever heard of the game called Ultimate Basketball? I know I haven’t. However, when I looked at the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and how that can be related to basketball, there are actually some similar learning tactics for each sport. This game focuses on the passing elements of basketball without the dribbling and the combination of two sports that results in a fun and somewhat competitive environment for your young athletes to learn specific skills of both sports.

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Drill: Practicing V-Cuts


While watching and/or playing basketball, have you ever had the opportunity to guard the man who stands around at the 3-point line or the bottom of the key, and just waits for the ball? It feels amazing to play defense against a player like that because they don’t have to be watched as closely and the player is putting minimal pressure, if any, on the defense. On the other hand, the player who is constantly moving off of screens and creating space to get the ball through various movements, now that’s a tiring task!

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Game: Plus 1, Minus 2 (Ray Allen)

Last week we¬†talked about how Steph Curry is one of the best shooters in the NBA (possibly of all time). Well for some of us growing up Curry wasn’t in the league yet – instead we had to settle for a guy by the name of Ray Allen.

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