Game: Numbers Scrimmage

This game is perfect for basketball players of all ages as it works on speed, offense, defense, rebounding, and balance. This drill is a competitive way for teammates to have the opportunity to play against each other in a one-on-one or scrimmage-like atmosphere.

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Drill: Body Fakes

This drill encompasses the competitive nature of your young athletes as well as involving the fun aspect in basketball. This drill will have your young athletes competing head-to-head to try and score in a one-on-one setting. Practicing this drill in your practice will get your athletes excited and ready to play.

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Drill: Wall Taps

Imagine there is 15-seconds left on the clock and your team is up by 2 points.  The opponents take a shot and miss; however, they grab that offensive rebound and score the bucket to tie the game. Your team could have won the game, if only you practiced some of those rebounding drills. How do coaches ensure that their players are going to soar up to get that clutch rebound in the dying seconds of the game to secure the win, or try to get those second-chance opportunities on offence. This drill is designed to help that young athlete improve their vertical to obtain and secure those rebounds, both on offense and defense.

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Drill: Practicing V-Cuts


While watching and/or playing basketball, have you ever had the opportunity to guard the man who stands around at the 3-point line or the bottom of the key, and just waits for the ball? It feels amazing to play defense against a player like that because they don’t have to be watched as closely and the player is putting minimal pressure, if any, on the defense. On the other hand, the player who is constantly moving off of screens and creating space to get the ball through various movements, now that’s a tiring task!

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