The Forgotten Literacy

Numerical literacy, language literacy, and musical literacy; the big 3 when it comes to literacy. Each just important as the next, but are those three all we should be focused on learning?

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Ottawa Senators Strength Coach: “It’s an epidemic.”

Chris Schwarz is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Ottawa Senators of the NHL, and has the privilege of working with elite athletes every day. But there is one problem: his players are only hockey players.

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Repetition-Based Learning and Knowledge of Results (Video)

Take Steve Nash. He is currently the NBA’s all-time leading free-throw shooter at 90.4%. Nash is also famous for taking two or three imaginary practice shots before he shoots the real free-throw. This is clearly not a coincidence. But why? What’s the connection?

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Drill: Dynamic Stretching

Gone are the days where we sit in a circle and slowly hold a stretch for each arm and leg. In fact, static stretching has been shown to have negative effects on explosive muscle performance. Your slow relaxing stretch is better saved for the end of practice.

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