Game: Dog, Cat, Chicken

Dog, cat, chicken…oh my! The name of the game may sound like a riddle, but there is nothing puzzling about how this game is played. It is a good twist on the traditional “Octopus” game with the goal in helping the youth learn fundamental movement skills and to focus on agility, speed while increasing their heart rate before they jump into basketball activities. Continue reading “Game: Dog, Cat, Chicken”

Game: Fox in the Hen-house

This game is very easy to learn and lots of fun for everyone. Fox in the Hen-house is a variation of “tag” that incorporates using the lines on the floor, as well as adding in basketballs to help develop the players’ skills. Continue reading “Game: Fox in the Hen-house”

Game: Tag – Beaver, Moose, & Canada Goose

With Canada’s recent 150th birthday, we thought we would create a variation of tag using Canada’s most iconic animals! You can’t get any more Canadian, eh?

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Game: Ameoba Tag

Going to the gym is the first step to getting better as an athlete. We all hear stories about how great athletes spend hours on hours in the gym working on their craft. But this discipline isn’t always easy for young kids to gasp – which is why coaches need to ensure kids look forward to the next day of practice.

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