Trash Talking in Youth Sports

There is one aspect in ALL sports that has just become a regular part of the game at all levels: Trash talking! Here in Canada, some might call it ‘chirping’ and it is used for the sole purpose of ‘getting in your opponents’ head. In my days of coaching, I have seen this theme increase from year to year and my personal opinion is that the young athletes are just emulating the professionals they see on television. But does that make it okay?

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Youth Player Positions – Do they really matter?

As a coach or a parent are you concerned about what position your son, daughter or young athlete occupies while playing basketball. Many coaches today start teaching young athletes about specific positions in basketball and informing those players that they must play that position for the whole season. Children at this age do not know the difference between a shooting guard and a power forward; rather, they just want to play the sport and have fun.

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Is HIIT Dangerous for Young Athletes?

High intensity exercises with short rest periods in between… doesn’t sound too safe, does it? Well surprisingly, there are a lot of benefits when performing high intensity interval training, and HIIT is becoming more and more popular!

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Coaching the Early LTAD Stages

It seems like every time we’re in the gym, working with young players to perform different movements, skills, and activities, it only reminds us how much the abilities of players vary. It can be a real challenge to meet the needs of each player without leaving others behind.

Thankfully, we have the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model to fall back on.

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Avoid Specialization to Avoid Injury

We live in a youth sport culture that emphasizes early sport specialization – an increasingly common phenomena. This trend largely stems from the influence of professional athletes, whose careers imply that the earlier you specialize the better chance you have at becoming “elite”.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. While there are a number of negative effects from early sport specialization, here we will focus one specific risk: overuse injury.

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6 Sport Parenting Myths Debunked

Parents want the best for their children – and no one can blame them. But navigating the modern youth sport environment can be daunting to say the least: there is a seemingly endless amount of articles, research, and resources for sport parents. And while this post surely adds to that list, we can guarantee that advice from Rick Wolff is a must-read.

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