Game: Newspaper Dodgeball

A good twist to a popular game without the dangers of the original one, newspaper dodge-ball helps to work on the kids dribbling abilities while keeping them moving, active and engaged.

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Game: Tag – Beaver, Moose, & Canada Goose

With Canada’s recent 150th birthday, we thought we would create a variation of tag using Canada’s most iconic animals! You can’t get any more Canadian, eh?

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Drill: Ball Handling Routine (Steph Curry)

Stephen Curry, maybe the most popular basketball player in the world. We all know he can shoot the lights out of any gym – that’s old news. Instead, we want to look at one of Steph’s more underrated skills: his ability to handle the basketball.

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Drill: Shooting Warm-Up (Dell Curry)

Dell Curry, former NBA sharpshooter and father of the 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, knows one or two things about shooting the rock. In this video Dell Curry talks about some great warm-up drills that build confidence and a solid shooting foundation.

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Game: Catch the Tail

Often times players practice dribbling without a defender. And this might cause them some trouble when they do face pressure in a scrimmage or game. It requires a mix of court awareness and comfort with the ball (i.e. eyes up when you are dribbling!).

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